ASB Theatre Marlborough, Blenheim


7:30PM Tuesday, 16 May, 2017 NZ


It is 1933 and 11 year old Annie is living in an Orphanage in New York.

The evil Miss Hannigan is the principal in charge of the orphanage. Annie decides to escape and try to find her parents. However, she is found by Grace Farrell, secretary to the millionaire Oliver Warbucks, who is searching for an orphan that she might invite back to the Warbucks mansion to celebrate Christmas.

Oliver eventually warms to Annie and undertakes a nationwide search to try to find the little girls real parents. Miss Hannigan encourages her brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily to claim Annie as their daughter and collect the reward.

Grace is suspicious and the couple's lies are exposed. Oliver Warbucks adopts Annie (and her stray dog Sandy) and they begin a completely new life together.

The show features a wonderful score, including the Broadway musical hit: Tomorrow.

Annie is a musical that all the family will enjoy.

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