Baycourt Centennial Theatre


7:30PM Wednesday, 31 October, 2012 NZ
Heath Franklin's Chopper -The (s)Hitlist

Heath Franklin's Chopper -The (s)Hitlist

As seen on 7 Days, Australia's Most Wanted comedian Chopper returns to NZ for his biggest tour to date, and this time, he's brought a big pad of paper with your name on it.
Some people have a shopping list. Some have a To-Do list. Chopper has a Shitlist.
Restaurant serves your dinner cold. Put it on the Shitlist. New Batman film bored you. Shitlist. Friend that stabbed you. Shitlist.
From the Ten Commandments to the Top 40 hits, history is littered with lists, but nobody's done a list like Chopper. Sometimes when you get angry, you have to get organised.
Think of it as like a bucket list, but you're in the bucket .
As Chopper tours the country, every night in every city a new shitlist will be created and posted online. Easily the best list since Schindler's.

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