Dunedin Centre - Dunedin Town Hall, Dunedin


8:00PM Saturday, 16 August, 2014 NZST
Dundead presents I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

Dundead presents I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

Dundead Festival presents the world premiere of 'I Survived a Zombie Holocaust' directed by Guy Pigden and produced by Zoe Hobson of 38 Pictures.

A mixture of horror, comedy, and a dash of romance; all hell breaks loose when real zombies attack a B-grade zombie film set.

This Dunedin-made film blends traditional Zombie thrills with a satirical look at the film industry and is a must-see for zombie fans and Dunedinites alike! This event is R16.

You are encouraged to attend the premiere in full-zombie costume!

The evening will kick off with a zombie walk from the Railway Station, at 6pm, finishing at the Town Hall. We will celebrate on the red carpet with a Thriller Flash Mob, Taiko drummers and fire-eaters!

Join the party and get your zombie makeover between 2pm and 7pm at the Anathaeum, on the Octagon!

Please check http://www.dundead.com for details.

http://www.dundead.com | http://www.dunedinvenues.co.nz

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