Theatre Royal Nelson, Nelson 7010


7:30PM Saturday, 24 March, 2018 NZST
The Full Monty The Broadway Musical

The Full Monty The Broadway Musical

The 1997 film of "The Full Monty" stormed the box office and became the most successful British screen comedy ever, winning the Evening Standard Award for Best Film. The faithful stage adaptation won the same award in 2001 for Best Musical.

Garnering ten nominations for the 2001 Tony Awards, "The Full Monty" celebrates the renewal of self-esteem in a group of men made redundant by the closing of a steel mill. Enhanced by sharp and witty lyrics that expose more of the 'inner self' and supported by punchy modern music "The Full Monty" is a Contemporary Musical. Jazzy funky songs lead us through a colourful journey that celebrates triumph over adversity, in the most heart-warming way.

You can keep your hat on but the cast won't!


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