SIT Centrestage, Invercargill


11:00AM Thursday, 17 May, 2018 NZST
Kokako's Song

Kokako's Song

Birdlife Productions presents: Kokako’s Song

A Southland Arts Festival presentation

With beautifully handcrafted life-sized puppetry and live music, Kokako’s Song is a little show with a big heart, suitable for ages 2-8.

Searching for her dog, six-year old Angel finds herself lost in the forest where she has a delightful encounter with a real live kokako (or is that really her Granddad dressed up in disguise?). Perhaps this strange bird with the haunting song and black facemask might actually be a Superhero

Kokako’s Song reminds us all that the creatures of the bush, many of them endangered, are special and should be treasured.

The children's giggling then shouting becomes louder and louder as Mrs Kokako gropes in her kete for munchies and produces spiders, grasshoppers and other wriggly creatures which one by one escape her. Theatreview


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