Theatre Royal Nelson, Nelson 7010


7:30PM Wednesday, 16 May, 2018 NZST
Opera Unboxed

Opera Unboxed

They say that Opera has the best tunes, but these days we so rarely hear them in the provinces.

There is clearly a hunger to hear these marvellous melodies sung by the "big voices". Last year, Lloyd Webber to Puccini, featuring tenor James Rodgers and mezzo Rachelle Pike sold-out Blenheim's ASB Theatre. So we are doing it again, this time in Blenheim and Nelson, with four NZ Opera colleagues presenting an evening of music from the worlds of Grand Opera and Musical Theatre - their favourites and yours.

Baritone Robert Tucker directs and performs Opera Unboxed, with New York based mezzo Rachelle Pike, our favourite Aucklander Helen Medlyn, and exciting young Wellington tenor Declan Cudd, accompanied by international pianist Catherine Norton.


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