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12:30PM Thursday, 24 May, 2018 NZST
Polly and the Minstrel

Polly and the Minstrel

Nathan Torvik and Siobhan Sweeney, otherwise known as Polly and the Minstrel are sought after artists in the Nelson region and it's a rare treat to hear them on stage. Their style consists of wonderfully spacious interpretations of songs from folk to reggae which defy genre expectations, along with original works.

Nathan Torvik & Siobhan Sweeney have been quietly entertaining folk together around the Nelson region & beyond for over a decade now. You`re just as likely to find them cosily tucked away in the corner of someones living room, playing an intimate Sioree, to warming the main stage at 'Opera in the park.'
Nathan`s roots lie in bluegrass. As a child his first instrument of choice being mandolin. However, over the years he has honed his skills, enabling him to play any genre of music on any instrument with strings ie ; guitar, cello, banjo etc (as well as learning Tabla from a master musician and playing in Sikh temples).
Siobhan`s roots lie in rousing sing-a-longs. Of Irish decent this was/is a regular occurance at any family gathering. As a child she listened. In her late twenties she sang & played guitar, tin whistle, mandolin and bodhran in Irish bands. She also sang in a blues band.
Both Nathan & Siobhan have loved music since childhood.


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