Mayfair Theatre, 100 King Edward St, Dunedin


7:30PM Friday, 21 September, 2018 NZST


Renowned for their aesthetic of delicate human circus, Casus brings their premiere work "Knee Deep" to the Festival. With an international reputation and sensational seasons at Edinburgh "Knee Deep" has played in 17 countries in the last two years.

"Knee Deep" is circus with heart, astonishing skills and exquisite beauty. This is chamber circus where the audience is up-close and can actually see the strength and subtleties of this remarkable Australian troupe.

"Knee Deep" is a theatre experience that is rich in human connection, cultural diversity, and precise and intelligent choreography. Acrobats fill the stage with huge energy and momentum followed by incredible stillness, and overwhelm the audience with breathless emotion that often has the theatre in complete silence throughout the performance - followed by a standing ovation at the end.

DURATION - 1hr no interval

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