Nelson Centre of Musical Arts, Nelson


12:30PM Monday, 1 October, 2018 NZST
Helene Pohl & Jian Liu

Helene Pohl & Jian Liu

Helene Pohl and Jian Liu present a violin and piano recital that will give audiences a taste of what's to come in the 2019 Adam Chamber Music Festival.

The Festival, which will be officially launched on the same day as this concert, will have as one of its themes the versatility of the violin. The violin, which has been played worldwide for many centuries, has often been characterised as the instrument most like the human voice.

It's flexibility in expressing music of a dizzying array of styles, its portability, its tradition of virtuosity as well as soulful expression have made it one of the most popular instruments on the planet - despite its legendary difficulty!

Helene and Jian will be playing music by Schubert, Prokofiev and Ross Harris.

Schubert D Major Sonatina
Prokofiev F Minor Sonata
Ross Harris Retenishn (Mysteries) - Based on klezmer tunes originally written for Ross' band The Kugels. This will be a world premiere.

This lunchtime concert is in association with the Adam Chamber Music Festival.

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