Nelson Centre of Musical Arts, Nelson


1:00PM Thursday, 1 August, 2019 NZST
Respiro Wind Quintet

Respiro Wind Quintet

Respiro is a newly formed wind quintet comprised of friends who play together in the Nelson Symphony Orchestra. Respiro (Italian for breath) is the foundation of life and of every note we play on our instruments - without breath we could not shape our phrases.

Wind quintets celebrate the distinctive sound of each instrument (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and french horn) and many composers have enjoyed writing for the unique character of each instrument and the challenge of blending their sounds together.
Melodies are shared, partnered and move in a continuous stream of breath throughout these musical works.

Featuring works for wind quintet by Agay, Françaix, Farkas, Arnold and Debussy.

Respiro members are:
Tersha Coppell (flute)
Lucy Davies (oboe)
Lucy Rainey (clarinet) Eleanor Clenshaw (french horn)
Michelle Bryant (bassoon)

Proudly supported by Nelson Pine Industries


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