Gisborne Lawson Field Theatre, Gisborne


7:00PM Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 NZST
Sue Nicholson - Loss Grief and Healing

Sue Nicholson - Loss Grief and Healing

If you're reading this notice, then you've been drawn to my seminar event for a very special reason. I have been told that the universe certainly works in mysterious ways, and we are often guided to certain people and places for reasons beyond our comprehension to assist with our soul's ascension to higher levels of consciousness.

As you read this, a wonderful opportunity awaits to assist with your soul's healing!

You will have the opportunity to embark on a remarkable journey of learning with me. I will help you to navigate through the deep waters of loss and grief, helping you to break down the patterns of fear which have prevented you from reaching your highest self.

Aside from my well-known psychic abilities and mediumship background, I am an officially trained Louise Hay teacher with a wealth of knowledge in introducing people to their destinies. We have the power to transform our lives, but for many, a guiding light is needed to reveal the beauty of love, hope and faith - finding the love of yourself. So, why not join me on this remarkable adventure?

* Are you looking for peace in your life?
*Have you struggled to find the right tools to break free from the shackles of your fears?
*Do you feel stuck in old patterns which no longer serve your highest good?
*Are you in need of new direction?
*Are you trying to find the right tools to help you move forward?
*Do you feel stuck in your Grief?
*Do you wish to live your best life instead of merely existing day to day?
*Are you ready to heal your life?
If you have answered 3 or more then this Seminar is for you
Then, take a leap of faith and join me on this opportunity of a lifetime to rejoice in the power of healing your life.

You will also receive Sue's signature bag, a journal and a pen on arrival.

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