Regent on Broadway, Palmerston North


7:00PM Tuesday, 24 September, 2019 NZST
Turitea School presents Shrek The Musical JR

Turitea School presents Shrek The Musical JR

Turitea School presents Shrek The Musical JR.

When the little ogre Shrek is only seven years old, Papa and Mama Ogre sit him down and have a coming-of-age talk with their son, telling him that it is time for him to make his own place in the world, and he must leave home. As the years pass, Shrek transforms into an adult and finds contentment living alone in a swamp on the edge of the kingom of Duloc until, that is, the swamp is taken over by lots of fairytale creatures exiled from Duloc.

The vertically challenged Lord Farquaad is looking for an available princess whom he could marry and learns about Fiona, high in a tower guarded by a dragon. He agrees to find a new home for the fairytale creatures if Shrek retrieves the princess for him.

Shrek obliges, yet finds something appealing, something strange and different about this pretty princess. He likes her ... a lot. But why does Fiona always run off when the sun sets?


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Adult 13 years and over
Child 2- 12 years
Child under 2 years does not require a ticket provided that child sits on the caregiver's knee.


Approx Finish - 9.00pm

PLEASE NOTE: Due to safety and restricted viewing, children under 10 years are not permitted in the first row of the dress circle (Rows A upstairs).

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