Regent on Broadway, Palmerston North


7:00PM Saturday, 3 March, 2012 NZST
In Our Hands

In Our Hands

IN OUR HANDS is a fundraising concert aiming to highlight a family/individual in need of a hand.

On returning from her win at the LA Music Awards Anita Prime became aware of the challenges facing 9 year old Phoenix Stafford who has cancerous tumour, known as Ewing's sarcoma on his spinal cord. Chemotherapy and radiation has failed to treat and the family is now seeking to try alternative treatment for Phoenix but this will come at a cost.

Anita Prime and fellow artist Martha Samasoni of Muzicheadz/Ritmo Records have come together to create this charity concert featuring a great lineup of artists - Anita Prime, Rosita Vai, Dirt Box Charlie and many more for one night to assist the family pay for the alternative treatment for Phoenix.


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